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Chanie's Kitchen
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Chabad House at Brandeis

Chanie's Kitchen

Imagine your experience of walking into 54 Turner Street on a Shabbat or holiday evening. Recall the conversations with friends - old and new - and the feeling of being sardined around the tables with another 149 people. You enjoyed delicious dishes; answered “the  question”; danced on the chairs or in the street, led by Peretz’s boundless energy; absorbed Chanie’s wisdom and personal care; and were motivated by both of their relentless calls for continuous growth and courageous authenticity.

Those memories were made possible entirely by Chanie’s Kitchen. A kitchen designed to serve a family of 5 instead served 150 people on a weekly basis, and on occasion, 400 with Shabbat across Brandeis or Mega Shabbat. 

Providing Chanie with a kitchen that can properly support her “output” has long been overdue.

In the beginning of 2020, Chanie and Peretz met with a contractor and a designer to begin planning for a new kitchen. With some preliminary sketches and estimates in hand, we began conversations with donors to raise funds for this exciting project. 

Then, Covid-19 descended and all plans came to a sudden halt.

Covid is still collecting its toll, placing us all in some sort of isolation even if we’ve accustomed ourselves to it. But in the spirit of renewing and strengthening connections, we  are renewing the campaign for the kitchen. 

Instead of raising the funds from a small number of larger donors, we want to build it together as a community - with the partnership of all who have enjoyed the care and connection provided by Chanie’s Kitchen. The kitchen is a symbol of community. We may call it Chanie’s Kitchen, but it is a space we’ve all shared. Our collective investment in its future is critical to keeping Magic at 54 Turner Street going on both a practical level and a spiritual level.

Our goal is to have 2,000 participants in this endeavor, a fraction of the estimated 16,000+ individuals who’ve sat at our table over the past twenty years. Unquestionably, we are grateful for every gift of every size.   

The new kitchen will require significant structural work. Our goal is to raise $200,000*.

We are so excited to see the names of those whom we’ve connected with at our Shabbat Dinners over the past two decades appear on the donor list and feel their presence each time we walk into Chanie’s new kitchen.

Your statement of appreciation will be with us as we create the signature Chabad Brandeis Shabbat experience for the next 16,000+ individuals over the next 20 years and beyond. On their behalf, we thank you!

With deep gratitude,
Peretz & Chanie

PS. When donating please share a memorable Chabad Brandeis Shabbat dinner experience, recalling these memorable moments warms our hearts and lifts our spirits. Thank you for that!

We also invite you to partner with us by leading a team on one of three levels:

~ A Giver Team - recruiting 5 people to join the project. 

~ A Super Giver Team - recruiting 10 people to join the project.

~ A Shliach/Shlucha Team - recruiting 4 people to become Givers, effectively involving 20 people.

Please email Peretz,, if you would like to partner with us in this way.


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